Margaret, the wife of our long standing active PROBUS member, Mike Swan, who passed away two years ago, will now be doubly missed as she regularly attended all PROBUS ‘87 meetings. In particular she was a leading light as one of the group who makes each meeting more comfortable by providing tea, coffee and biscuits.

Her beautiful personality will be missed..

Alex Campbell was a founder member of PROBUS ‘87. Unfortunately he  coud not attend meetings over the  past few years due to ill health.

He will be missed.

We have received the painful news that Mike Russell’s Wife, Anne, has died. Our thoughts go out to Mike and his family .

Alun Davies was a founder member of PROBUS ‘87, Chairman 1994 -96, a very active member  in the early days and recently due to ill health kept in touch through his friends.

 His great Welsh personality will be missed.

John Harcourt was a long time regular member of PROBUS 87. He was a member of the ‘RED LYON’ gang who put the country ‘to right’ every Thursday Lunch time. He made many friends, was a golfer, a keen bridge player and a competent watercolour artist.
 He will be missed!

Nicholas Farr

2nd March 1946 - 17th April 2016

Unfortunately due to ill health, Nick was a short term member of PROBUS. He was active - displayed his art work on the wall of Rotary House and joined in with the meetings activities; he will be missed!

Our thoughts go out to Founder and Hon. Life Member Jim Cross whose wife Eileen is no longer with us.

Eileen Winifred Cross

30th Aug 1926 -
3rd August 2016

Ron, a founder member of PROBUS 87, unfortunately could not attend PROBUS activities during the last few years due to his wife’s illness. He passed away December 2016 and will be missed. Especially his engineering experience obtained with the BBC outdoor programme services.

Ken will be missed by all. His enthusiasm, helpfulness and humour. He took an active part in PROBUS activities right up to the end. Organising the first Great Debate - a great success - taking the lead in members’ video day and being Chairman, are just  a few of the  many activities he was involved in.

Typical of Ken: below is Ken’s own eulogy, read out by his son Peter at the Service of Remembrance Mass.

Usually someone who knew the deceased scrapes a few barrels to say a few complimentary words about him or her. Whether or not that happens I would like the following to be read out at the Mass and the crem.

Often on these occasions, a friend or relative scrapes the barrel for a few complimentary anecdotes concerning the life and times of the deceased but I thought there was no need for that because the very fact that you are here proves that you knew me quite well, and well enough not to be fooled by any extravagant claims made, with the best of intentions, on my behalf.

So whether you are here to pay your respects or merely to satisfy yourselves that I have really shuffled off this mortal coil, I thank you for coming today.

All I ask of you is that you remember me as I was, someone who never hit the heights but who tried always to live his life according to his principles and his Faith and who liked nothing more than to make people laugh. So remember me please with a smile rather than a tear. My thanks to each one of you for your friendship which has enriched my life especially in recent years.

That is all I wanted to say, but may I just quote one single line of poetry to end:-

How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again.”

Au Revoir

Doug was born and raised in Edinburgh and was a passionate Scotsman. He was a member of PROBUS 87 for many years, an excellent Chairman, twice winner of the annual Master Mind  conpetition and an efficient Safety Officer. He will be remembered for his friendly sense of humour.





PROBUS 87 have lost an egregious friend.
He will be missed…

Gordon was an active member of the club, Chairman 2006-2007 and many times winner of the attendance record. For many years he recorded 100% attendance.

He will be particularly remenbered for his memory; especially reciting -by heart- long Shakespeare poems.

1925 - March 2017